Send Online Payment Link for Dues

Dues List  option is used to send fee dues Online payment link to the students.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to send fee dues SMS to students -

  • Click on  Fee  Module.
  • Click on  Dues List  option.                                                                                                                                                     
  • Select  ☑   All Student  checkbox if you want to send fee dues Payment link to all students of the school.
  • OR

    • Select  ☑ Shift [â–¼], ☑ Class [â–¼], ☑ Stream [â–¼] (only for higher classes), ☑ Section [â–¼]  to send fee dues  Payment link  of any particular class.
    • Select month from  Month From  [â–¼]  field to specify from which month do you want to view the dues list.
    • Select month from  Month To  [â–¼]  field to specify till which month do you want to view the dues list.
    • Click on  Load Student  button.

  • Students records will be listed as follows.

Note - Students whose all fee dues are clear (paid) will be highlighted with blue color.

    Note - 

    • Only those students will be selected whose fees are due.
    • Students highlighted with blue color will not be selected.
    • Select the student and Click on SEND ONLINE PAYMENT REQUEST  button to send fee dues payment link to students
  • Following message will be displayed.     
  • Payment link has been sent. Click on close button.