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New Entry - option is used to deposit the fees of students.


  • Before depositing the fees of students please make sure that the class fee structure of that class has been set from go to  Class Fee option of Admin module .
  • Also make sure that you have allowed the fees of students from the Fee Setting option of Fee Module.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to deposit the fees of a student.

  • Click on  Fee  module.
  • Click on  New Entry  option.                                                                                                                                                          \
  • Following Window opens.
  • Search Student via  Reg No  or  Sr No . ( Enter Reg No or Sr No and click on  Search  button)
  • The student record will show on blank boxes.

  • Click on  Find student  button to search students. ( If you don't have Reg No. or Sr No.)
  • Here you can find the student by the different type of searching.
  • Select  All  to show all records.
  • Or select  Shift [â–¼], Class [â–¼], Stream [â–¼]  and  Section [â–¼]  to filter the students record.
  • Or write the name in the blank box to search by name.
  • Select  Reg No, Sr No, Name, Father Name, Address (M), Mob No (M) Address (P) Mob No (P)  to sort record by these options.
  • Double click  on the student whose fees you want to deposit.

  1. Selected student's detail will be shown.
  2. Select the months and click on the Send Online Payment Request  link.

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