Result Calculation in Exam (CBSE)

Result Calculation option is used to calculate the Marks, Percentage, Division, and Rank of students based on Division Setting.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to process Subject Entry -  

  • Click on Exam CBSE  Module.
  • Select Result Calculation option.                                                                                                                                          

  • Select Shift, Class, Stream & Section.
  • Click on Load Records button.
  • Select Result Term to calculate attendance term wise.
  • When selecting Result Term, the Students Records gets sorted according to the Exams of the selected Term.
  • To fill the Attendance of the students, enter the working days of 1st and 2nd term in the field provided. 
  • Scroll right and enter the student's attendance in the Atten column.
  • Click on the Calculate Result button to calculate the results of the students.
  • Click on the Position in Class button to calculate the students ranking in class.
  • Finally click on the Save button to save the records

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