Export and Print Marksheet of Exam in Exam (CBSE)

Marks Sheet option is used to generate the marks sheet of the student.

Note-  Before generating mark sheet please check you have performed the following operations ( If not then do them respectively)-

  1. Subject Entry *
  2. Division Setting  
  3. Grade Subject Entry  
  4. Desc. Indicators
  5. New Entry *
  6. Modify ( If you want to edit or delete exam)
  7. Admit Card/ Desk Slip/ Time Table * ( Admit Card generation is compulsory )
  8. Marks Entry *
  9. Grade Marks Entry  
  10. Result Calculation *

Follow the below mentioned steps to process Subject Entry -  

  • Click on Exam CBSE  Module
  • S elect  Mark Sheet  option                                                                                                                                                      

  • Select  Shift, Class, Stream & Section.
  • Click on View Exam button.

  • Select Exam one by one.
  • Or click on Select All ( Exam ) option to select all exam .

  • Select option Final or Provisional.
  • Select  Format for Result. 
  • Click on View Result button to view the Result.
  • Click on  Final Result button to Generate the Marksheet.
  • Click on the Print All button to Print all student's Mark Sheets.
  • Click on Export All  button to Export all student's Mark Sheets.

  • After clicking on the View Result button the result will show in relative fields.

  • After clicking Final Result button result will display in the new window.

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