Deposit Fees of Student

New Entry - option is used to deposit the fees of students.


  • Before depositing the fees of students please make sure that the class fee structure of that class has been set from go to  Class Fee option of Admin module .
  • Also make sure that you have allowed the fees of students from the Fee Setting option of Fee Module.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to deposit the fees of a student.

  • Click on Fee  module.
  • Click on New Entry option.                                                                                                                                                         \
  • Following Window opens.
  • Search Student via Reg No or Sr No . ( Enter Reg No or Sr No and click on  Search button)
  • The student record will show on blank boxes.

  • Click on  Find student button to search students. ( If you don't have Reg No. or Sr No.)
  • Here you can find the student by the different type of searching.
  • Select All to show all records.
  • Or select Shift [â–¼], Class [â–¼], Stream [â–¼]  and  Section [ â–¼ to filter the students record.
  • Or write the name in the blank box to search by name.
  • Select  Reg No, Sr No, Name, Father Name, Address (M), Mob No (M) Address (P) Mob No (P) to sort record by these options.
  • Double click on the student whose fees you want to deposit.

  • After searching for student select Pay Month for which you want to deposit the fees.

  • Click on Calculate Fee to calculate the total fee.
  • After clicking Calculate Fee  button all fees are displayed in blank boxes.

  • The fee structure will displayed on the right side as follows.
  • Now fill Paid Amount in Paid field.
  • If any Discount  is given then fill it in Discount field.
  • Fill the reason  for the discount in the Narration field.
  • Click on  Submit button to deposit the fees.

Note - As you click on Submit button the fees will be deposited and you cannot cancel it.

  • Following window opens.                                                                  

  • Select the Payment Mode by which the student is depositing the fees (Cash, Cheque, etc.)
  • Fill the Reference No & Remark ( if required).
  • If payment mode is cheque then write Bank Name.
  • Now click on Save button.
      Note- To set payment mode go to Payment Mode option of Admin module .
  • After clicking on Save button a new window will open with this message- "Fee Submit Successfully. Do you want to Print Fee Receipt (Y/N)?"
  • Click on Yes button if you want to print the fee receipt.
  • Otherwise click on No button if you don't want to print the fee receipt.
  • Now click on Print button to Print fee receipt or click on the Export  button to export this in pdf or excel format.

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