Deposit Fees of Sibling Students

Fee Entry Sibling  option is used to deposit the fees of sibling students.


  • Before depositing the fees of student please make sure that the class fee structure of that class has been set from go to  Class Fee option of Admin module .
  • Also, make sure that you have allowed the fees of student from Fee Setting option of Fee Module.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to deposit the fees of 

  • Click on Fee  module.
  • Click on Fee Entry Sibling option.                                                                                                                                                 
  • Search Student via  Reg No  or  Sr No . Enter Reg No or Sr No and click on  Search  button.
  • Click on  Find student  button to search for students. 
  • If you had sibling students then related sibling student names appear in the Name field.
  • Select Pay Month for which you want to deposit the fees.
  • Click on  Calculate Fee  to calculate the total fee.
  • As you Click on Calculate Fee button related sibling students' fees will appear in fee filed.
  • Click on Submit button to deposit the fee.
  • Fee  Payment Mode  window will appear one by one of each related sibling students.

  • One by one  Save  the Fee Pyament Mode of each related sibling students. 
  • A new window will open with this message-  "Fee Submit Successfully. Do you want to Print Fee Receipt (Y/N)?"
  • Click on  Yes  button to print the fee receipt of sibling students.

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