Add New Exam

New Entry option is used to create the New Exam.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to process new Exam Entry -  

  • Click on Exam  Module.
  • Select New Entry option.                                                                                                                                                    

  •  Select Exam Type as- Unit Test, Half Yearly, etc.
  •  Select Exam Term as-  1, 2, 3 etc.
  •  Write Exam Code (Exam Name)
  •  Select Exam Start Date
  •  Select Exam End Date
  1. Exam Start Date will be the first day of Examination.
  2. Exam End Date will be the last day of Examination.

  •   To add new Exam Type click on ADD.

  • Write the Exam Type.
  • Click on the +Add  button to this type.
  • Click on -Remove button to remove this type.

  • Select Shift.
  • Check the Class then Select any Class.
  • Check the Stream then Select any Stream.
  • Check the Section then Select any Section .
  • Click on Load Subject  button.

After Clicking on Load Subject Button  


  • Now click on Max. Marks, Pass Mark, Grace Marks, Start Time, End Time & Date.
  • Then first click on Add Marks button and then click on Save button to create the exam.
  • If you don't want to save this click on Cancel button.

  • When you click on Start Time or End Time a new window will open where you set the exam timing.
  • To set this timing to all exams click on Set Default to All button.

Finally Press the Add Marks  then  Save  button to create the exam

Note -  Before starting a new entry in the exam, please process Subject Entry, Grade Subject Entry and Division Setting.

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