Using Route Manager

Route Manager  option is used to manage area and vehicle route.

Note - Before using the route manager option please make sure that you have added area and vehicles.

Follow the below mentioned steps to use route manager -

  • Click on Transport module.
  • Click on Route Manager option.
  • Following window opens.

  • Go to Manage Route Area section.   
  • Select  route from  Route [ â–¼ ]  list.
  • Select area for the route by clicking on  ☑  Select  checkbox.
  • Click on  Save  button to save the route for selected area.  
  • Go to  Manage Vehicle Route  section.     
  • Select vehicle from  Vehicle [ â–¼ ]  list.
  • Select route from  Route [ â–¼ ]  list.
  • Select area from  Area [ â–¼ ]  list or click on  ☑  All  checkbox to select all area.
  • Click on  Save  button.
  • Click on  Print  button to print the record.
  • Click on  Delete  button to delete the record.    

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