Subject Marks Entry in Exam (CBSE)

Marks Entry option is used to enter the obtained marks of the student in the exam.

Follow the below mentioned steps to process Subject Entry -  

  • Click on Exam CBSE  Module.
  • Select Marks Entry option.                                                                                                                                                    

  • Select Shift, Class, Stream & Section .
  • Click on Load Records  button.

  • The students' record will display.
  • You can sort the record by Reg No., Roll No or Name.
  • Now fill marks according to the subjects.
  • Click on Calculate Total  button to add marks.
  • Click on Absent button if the selected student is absent at exam date.
  • Click on Save button to Save the record.
  • Click on  Print button to print the record.
  • Click on Cancel  button to cancel the update.
  • Now you record will be successfully saved.

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