Send Transport related SMS

SMS option is used to send SMS to students regarding transport based on area or stop.

Follow the below mentioned steps to send transport SMS to students -

  • Click on Transport module.
  • Click on SMS option.                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Click on  ☑  All Area or Stop  checkbox if you want to want to send SMS to students of all area or stop.
  • OR

    • Select any particular area from  Area or Stop [ â–¼ ]  list.
    • Click on  Load Record  button.

  • Select SMS template from  SMS Template  [â–¼]  list.
  • Select the fields according to the SMS template.
  • Select values (#VAL#1, #VAL#2, etc) according to the field sequence in the SMS template.
  • Select the students to whom you want to send SMS.
  • OR

    • Click on  ☑  Select All Student  checkbox if you want to send SMS to all students.
    • Click on  Send SMS  button to send SMS.  

  • Click on  Yes  button to send SMS, otherwise click on  No  button.

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