Restore or Delete records permanently

Deletion Report Option is Used for Restoring/Permanently Deleting records.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to restore previously deleted records -  

  1. Click on Admin Module
  2. Select Deletion Report option
  1. Select the name of the module in the  S elect Deletion Section from which the data was being deleted
  2. C lick on View Button
  3. S elect record which you want to restore
  4. C lick on the  Restore  button
  5. Your record will successfully be Restored.
  6. C lick on  Delete Permanent  button to  permanently  delete the record(s)  
  7. When you click on  Delete Permanent following window will open.
  8. Add your reason to delete this record 
  9. Press the  OK  button to permanently delete the record(s).

Note:  Records that are Permanently Deleted , cannot be further recovered.

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