Print Notice for Dues Students

Student Dues is used to print notice regarding the next month fees amount along with previous month dues.

Follow the below mentioned steps to use Student Dues option -

  • Click on Fee Module.
  • Click on Student Dues option.
  • Search the Student by Reg No or Sr No .
  • Click on Search button


  • Click on Find Student button to search student. ( If you don't know Reg No or Sr No).
  • Following window opens.     
  • Select  ☑ All,  ☑ Shift [â–¼], ☑ Class [â–¼], ☑ Stream [â–¼] (only for higher classes), ☑ Section [â–¼]  to filter the records.
  • Select the radio button by which you want to search the student  (Student Name, Last Name, Father Name, Address, Mobile No.) .
  • Type the respective detail in the field.
  • Using  left click  of mouse  double click  the student record.
  • Student deposited fees will be listed in the  Previous Fee  section as follows.                                                                   
  • ☑  Select the month for which you want to print notice.
  • Click on Print Notice button to view the notice.

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