Points to remember in Exam (CBSE) Module

** Important Points to remember while Exam (CBSE) entry-

1.   Enter the exams in the same sequence as it is to be displayed on the Mark sheet.

2.  The first step before creating any exam should be the "Subject Entry".


3.  If any additional subject is to be added (like Music, Drawing etc...), add those subject in the "Grade Subject" option.



  4. The “New Entry” option the “Exam” module is used for creating a new exam.



   Note:   It is mandatory to enter all the required subjects before creating a new exam.

5 .   Before entering the marks obtained by the students, it is mandatory to generate the "Admit Card" of the exam.


6 If you want to modify any Exam, proceed with the "Modify" exam option.


7 The "Division Setting" should be done prior to the creation of exam.


8 . If the Marks of Grade subjects is to be entered, proceed with the "Grade Marks" option.


9.  Descriptive Indicators (Desc. indicators) under the "Exam CBSE" module are the remarks that reflect in the mark sheet according to the Grade obtained by the student in the exam.


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