Modify School details

School Setting option is used to save School Information in "VIDYA-The School Management". This Saved information is shown on your software and on the generated  modules  reports 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to Save  School Information -  

  1. Click on Settings  Module.
  2. Click the School Settings Option.
  • The following window will open.
  • Fill in the following details of the School.
    • Branch Type: Select the Branch type from the dropdown.
    • Board: Fil the School Board.
    • Medium: Fill the Medium of school.
    • Reg/ Affiliation No.: Fill the  Reg/ Affiliation No of school.
    • Name: Fill the School Name.
    • Slogan: Fill the slogan of the school.
    • Address: Fill in the address of the school.
    • Pin code: Fill the Pin code of the school.
    • State: Fill in the state of the school.
    • City: Fill the City of school.
    • Country: Fill the country of school.
    • Transport No.: Fill transport no. of school.
    • Email ID: Fill the Email ID of the school.
    • Website: Fill the Website of the school.
    • Logo: To Add a school  Logo  click on  From File  button and select the logo image. To remove the Logo click on the Clear button
    • Principal Sign:  To Add  Principal  Signature  click on  From File  button and select the image of signature.  To remove  the Signature click on the  Clear  button.   Check on   the Show On Report   option if you want to show Signature on all types of Reports.
    • Header: To Add  Header  click on  From File  button and select the image for the header.  Check  on   the  Show On Report   option if you want to show   Header  on all types of Reports. 
    • Footer:  To Add  Footer( Watermark  ) click on  From File  button and select the image for the footer. Check on the Show On Report  option if you want t o show  Footer ( Watermark )  on all types of Reports.
    • Click on the  Save  button to save the School Information.

Note -  The maximum file size of School Logo, Signature, Header & Footer should not be more than 50 KB.

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