Group two or more Students as Siblings

Sibling  option is used to group two or more students together that belongs to the same family. After making the students sibling you can deposit the fees of those two students at same time.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to use Sibling option:-

  • Click on Student Module.
  • Click on Sibling Option.

  • ☑  Select the  checkbox  of fields by which you want to search the students.
  • You can search the students with the help of any of the following fields:-
    • ☑  Father's Name
    • ☑  Mother's Name
    • ☑  Mobile No
    1. Then Click on  Search  button.


    • You can also search the student by directly entering his Registration number in Reg No field or Serial Number in Sr No field.
    • Then Click on  Add  button.

  • ☑  Select the student by clicking on the  checkbox .
  • Click on  Save  button to save the siblings records.

  • Following message will be displayed.

  • If you want to print the Siblings Report then click on Report button to generate the report.
  • Click on  Print  button to print the report.
  • If you want to export report in pdf, excel, etc format then click on  Export  button.

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