Export and Print Reports in Student Module

Report  option is used to print all types of students report.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to generate report to Students -
  • Select Report option from Student module.
  • These are common steps to do in all types of reports generation and Class wise, Detail Report,  A/C Detail,  Document, and Subject  options.
    • Select Session [â–¼] .
    • Select  All Records [â–¼] or 
    • Select Shift[â–¼],  Class[â–¼],  Stream[â–¼], Section[â–¼]
    • Select Sort By [â–¼] option.
    • Select Language Hindi/ English.
    • Click on View button.
    • Click the  Print/Export  button   to Print/Export ( in pdf/ Excel)
  • Select the following option to generate different types of reports-
  • Registration Date Wise- Select Session, Date From [â–¼] and  Date To [â–¼] .
  • Gender wise- Select Gender [â–¼]
  •   Religion-wise- Select Religion [â–¼]
  • Category wise- Select  Category [â–¼]

  • Document-  Select Not Submitted [â–¼]   option to select TC/ Birth Certificate.
  • Sibling- Click on View Button.

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