Export and Print DOB Certificate

DOB Certificate  option is used to generate/print DOB certificate.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to  generate/print DOB certificate :-
  • Select  DOB Certificate  option from  Certificate  module.                


  • Fill  Reg.No . (Or)  Sr.No . Then click the  View  button.


  1.  Click  Import Record  button.
  2. Select the Format.(Format-1, Format-2)
  3. Edit the fields which you want.         
  4. Click  Print/Export  to Print/Export ( pdf, excel) Certificate.


After clicking  Import Record-

  1.  Fill  Reg .No . Or  Sr. No.

                   Or Class wise -

  • Click   ☑ shift [General[â–¼]
  • Click   ☑ class, Choose any class [â–¼].  
  • Click the    Search   button.
  • Click  ☑ select all  student record and click   Add  button.


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