Create and Apply Division Settings for Class in Exam (CBSE)

Division Setting option is used to define Result, Division and Remarks based on percentage.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to process Division Setting  -  

  • Click on Exam CBSE  Module.
  • Select Division Setting option.                                                                                                                                                 

  • Select New option to add new division setting.
  • Write Setting Name.
  • Fill Max Value
  • Fill Min Value
  • Write Grade/ Division according to Max & Min Value.
  • Write Remark as- Excellent, Good etc.
  • Write Result as- Pass, Failed etc.
  • Click to Add  button to add the setting.
  • The added setting will show on the right side.
  • To remove any setting click on Remove button.
  • Now click on Save button.
  • Your setting will be saved  successfully.

  • On the Right Hand Side, go to Apply Setting section to apply added settings on  classes.
  • Select Shift.
  • Now Select Classes on which the setting is to be applied.
  • Now go to the bottom of the window and Select Setting  name as you saved the setting name.
  • Click on Apply Setting button to apply the setting.
  • Your settings will be applied successfully.

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