Connect Database with VIDYA School Software

Follow these Steps to Attach & Configure Database-

Step 1 - Copy "Database Folder" from CD to your Computer Drive

            (Recommended - Use last drive to Store Database Folder)

Step 2 – In your last drive create a folder with name VKSOFT and paste the DATABASE folder in it.

Step 3 – In the same folder VKSOFT, create another folder with the name BACKUP to store the backup of your work.

  Step 4 – Set the DATABASE folder's accessibility to "Everyone".

  1. Right-click on DATABASE folder and select properties.


  1. Click on the security tab.
  2. Click on Edit button then click on Add button.


  1. Write   EVERYONE and click on the Check Name button and then click on OK Button.


  1. Click on Allow Full Control Check Box then click on Apply and then click on OK button.

Step 5 - VIDYA-The School Management" folder's (Path- C:\Program Files (x86)\VK SOFT) accessibility also needs to be set as "Everyone.

Step 6 - Run Database Tool.exe From Desktop


Step 7  - Click on "Add" and "Select File"

Step 8 - Choose "VIDYACOMM.mdf" from "Database Folder" in your  Computer and click add.

Step 9 - Choose "VIDYA_SESS_2018_19.mdf" or other Sessions from "Database Folder" in your Computer and click add.  

            You can also watch video On Database Attachment

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