Configure Software Settings

Software Setting - This option is used to set your Sender Id, Report path etc.

Follow the below mentioned steps to Change the Active Session -  

Steps -

  1. Click on Settings  Module.
  2. Click the Software Setting Option.
  1. Set SMS (Sender Id).
  2. Set Report Path (Select Report folder from where your database folder is kept).
  3. Set Database Backup Path (Select folder where the backup of software is to be kept).
  4. Select Receipt Default page (Default Page Size of Fee Receipt).
  5. Select Date Active [Yes/No] (Fee Receipt Date Modification access) .
  6. Select Receipt Discount Active [Yes/No] (Set Fee Discount Feature on/off).
  7. Click on the  Save button to save the settings.
  8. If you have any problem with the software setting click on Default Setting.
  9. Restart the software to apply the settings

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