Class Fee Structure Setting

Class Fee Option is Used to set Class Wise Fee Setting for the entire session

Follow the below-mentioned steps to set Class Fee Setting -  

  1. Click on Admin Module.
  2. Select the  Class Fee option.
  1. Select Shift, Class & Stream .
  2. Write the  Amount  in the Amount column.
  3. Double Click  on the  Pay Month  column to select the month in which the fee is to be taken.
  4. On clicking  Pay Month  a new window will open.
  5. Select Months  in which the fee is to be taken
  1. Compulsory ( Sets  fee as  compulsory for everyone)
  2. Student Wise (  Sets  fee in such a way that we will take this fee from some students only )
  3. Active ( This option is compulsory for every fee which you want to activate.
  4. Click on the  Save  button to save the settings.
  5. Click on the  Print  button to print.


  Note-  Don't write the amount of Conveyance Fee. Conveyance Amount is decided in the Transport Module

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