Manage Refund of Patient

Ospedal Pathology Software Registration Menu->Refund

In Pathology software,  Refund option is the submenu of registration module. In this, you can manage the refunds of patients. If any amount returned to a patient then this amount will update here. After updating generate a new receipt.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to manage pay dues of a Patient:-
  1. Click on Registration module.
  1. Submenu of the Registration module is open. Click on Refund Option.

  1. If you know patient invoice no. then enter their invoice no. and click on LOAD button.
  1. Otherwise, Choose a patient option and click on FIND button.

  1. As you click on FIND button following window will open.
  1. Search the patient by their Name, Mobile no. Hospital, Doctor, Gender, Between date, Invoice no., Age.
  1. Click on Search button.
  1. Patient list will be displayed according to your search.
  1. Select the patient.

  1. Selected Patient detail will open.
  1. If you want to Update Patient dues choose Payment option OR if you update Patient refund amount choose Refund option.
  1. Dues amount is shown in balance field.
  1. Enter the Refund Amount in refund field.
  1. Click on the Update button.