I want to cancel my Subscription.

Process to Cancellation of Subscription

STEP - 1

After login your dashboard is open at your screen. Now click on "Account" app

STEP - 2        Now You are in Account section. Go to "Cancel my Subscription" section.

        (a) Check the box - "Yes! I am agree to cancel my subscription"

        (b) Click on red button "Cancel my Subscription".

STEP - 3

A confirmation window will open, if you want to cancel the VIDYA SCHOOL APP Subscription then click "OK".

STEP - 4

Now you will get successful window displaying "Cancellation of Subscription is Successful"

A feedback for cancellation reason appears. Fill the reason and click on "Submit" button.

After this you will get Email response in your mail box for "Cancellation of Subscription" Please check your mail for confirmation.


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