How to Insert & Replace Image?

Follow these steps to change the image of About page.

STEP - 1

Click on About App.

STEP - 2

Click on Edit About.


STEP - 3

After entering About app section

(a). Right, Click on the image.

(b). Choose Image Properties option and click.

STEP - 4

(a). An image upload section will appear. Click on "Choose File" button to choose your school photo.

(b). After choosing the image click on "Send it to the Server" button.

(c).click on "OK" button.

STEP - 5

(a). Write 100% in width Box and delete the Height value 

(b). Click on "OK"

Now your school image is replaced by a new one.

STEP - 6

Click on "Update Button" to save all the editing.

STEP - 7

Now see the preview click on "Website Preview" button. 


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