Can I use my own Domain for "Vidya School App"?

"YES! Why not."

If you want to transfer "VIDYA SCHOOL APP" in your own school domain, You can easily do it. Please follow these steps-

STEP - 1

Login into your Admin Panel with user id and Password

For Admin Panel click here - 

STEP - 2

After login your dashboard is open at your screen. Now click on "BRANDING" Button.

STEP - 3

Now here you see that there is a section for "Domain Request". Please follow further steps.

            (1) If You have already booked your domain.

            (2) If you want to purchase a domain from

            In both case input your domain in the text box and click on "ADD"


STEP - 5

After click on "ADD" button your domain status is display at the right side of the panel. Click on "Pay Now" button to pay for your "Domain Setup Charges" for setup and transfer all your VIDYA SCHOOL APP at your own school domain.

Please Note that the price shown at Branding app is only for "Domain Setup Charge" not for Domain purchasing cost. (If you provide already booked domain from your side then you are eligible to get a free domain.)


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