Register New Patient

Ospedal Pathology Software - Registration Menu->New

In Pathology software, New Option is the submenu of the Registration module. In this, you can fill and save a patient detail ( Date of registration, mobile no., name, age, gender, email id, ref by dr., address), sample detail ( sample date, collected by, collected from, sample name), invoice detail. An acknowledgment and invoice receipt is generated of saved details which you can print.
Follow the below-mentioned steps to add New Patient:-
  1. Click on Registration module.
  1. Submenu of the Registration module is open. Click on New Option.

  1. A new registration form will open. In this, you have to fill in three types of details that is Patient detail, sample detail, invoice detail.

  2. Patient details:-

    1. Invoice Date (choose invoice date from a dropdown calendar)
    1. Mobile No. (Fill patient mob no. OR if the patient already register the click on Find button to search a patient)
    1. Name (Choose the name prefix and fill name)
    1. Age (Fill the patient age)
    1. Gender (Fill the patient gender)
    1. Email ID (Fill the patient Email ID)
    1. Ref By (Choose Doctor or Hospital then related name displayed in the dropdown)
    1. Address ( Fill the patient address)
  1. Sample Details:-

  1. Date (Fill the sample date on which you take the sample)
  1. Collected By (Choose the name from dropdown if you want to add someone new then choose new option from dropdown)
  1. Collected From (Choose the name from dropdown if you want to add someone new then choose new option from dropdown)
  1. Test Name ( click on the test column and search the test to add. After adding the test its amount will show in price column.)

Total no of tests and the total amount of the test calculate automatically. 

  1. Invoice detail:-

  1. Discount type (choose discount type from dropdown and fill the amount. Discount amt. and Net payble amount automatically calculated)
  1. Payment ( Fill the Payment amount if any amount dues the it will show in balance field)
  1. Payment Mode ( Choose the payment mode from dropdown)
  1. Narration ( you can write any narration)
  1. After filling in all the detail click on Save button.

  1. As you click on the save are two types of receipt generated that is Invoice receipt and acknowledgment receipt.
  1. If you want to print an Invoice click on the INVOICE button.
  1. If you want to print acknowledgment click on the ACK SLIP button.
  1. If you Want to send the slip to the customer mail ID click on the EMAIL button.
  1. If you want to fill in test results click on the Fill Result button.

  1. As you click on the Fill Result button test result entry form is open.
  1. Fill in the result of the tests of that patient and click on the Save button.