Print pay dues list

Ospedal Pathology Software Registration Menu-> Dues List

In Pathology software, Dues List option is the submenu of the registration module. In this, you can view the list of that patient whose amount is dues. Also, you can save that list in excel format OR print the list.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to manage print pay dues list of a Patient:-

  1. Click on Registration module.
  1. Submenu of the Registration module is open. Click on Dues List Option.

  1. Choose the option All records OR Between date.
  1. Click on LOAD button.
  1. As you click on LOAD button according to your search patient dues list will open.
  1. If you want to Update dues of Patient click on Pay Dues link of a particular patient. 
  1. Click on the Excel button to save list in Excel.
  1. Click on Print & Export button to print list.