Import Contacts From Excel

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Follow the below mentioned steps to Import Contacts from Excel:

  • Open the Microsoft Excel File in which all the contacts are stored.
  • Click on File tab.
  • Click on Save As option.
  • Type the File Name.
  • From Save as type list select CSV (Comma delimited).
  • Click on Save button.
  • Login to your DO SMS Panel.
  • Click on the Arrow icon on the right side of "Phonebook" Menu.
  • Select the group in which you want to Import Contacts.
  • Click on Add Contacts button.
  • Click on Import tab then click on Import Contacts button.
  • Select the Microsoft Excel file in which the contacts are stored.
  • Click on Open button.
  • Choose a Group in which you want to Import your Contacts
  • Choose the Category to which the CSV Columns belongs.
  • If you don't want to import any column then click on Don't Import button.
  • Finally Click on Finish Import button to Import the contacts to a Group.

  • Contacts Imported Successfully.

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